Frequently Asked Questions

Why is yesterday's show still in my list of "Upcoming Shows"?

It takes a few hours for them to disappear for two reasons: people may want to see what you just did (if they see you, then go to your web site to find out more about you); and, more importantly, LaffQ doesn't keep track of time zones, so it doesn't actually know the moment a show starts, since 7 PM Tuesday in the Christmas Islands happens more than 24 hours before 7 PM Tuesday in Hawaii. Similarly, there are a small number of shows that are in "Past Gigs" and "Upcoming Gigs" at the same time.

In theory, LaffQ could look at the address and try to deduce the time zone, but that would require a big database look-up, so I'm punting for now and keeping shows around up to 24 hours after they begin.

Can I see my gigs in Google Calendar or the iCal/Calender application on my Mac?

You sure can! Click on the "Share" link and you'll see a bunch of ways to get your LaffQ schedule on to your smart phone, your calendar app, on your web site, on your Facebook fan page... holy cow!

How do I keep up to date on what's going on with LaffQ?

Like us.

Then messages from us will go into your Facebook feed. Or follow us on Twitter if you prefer.

How do I tell you my brilliant idea for LaffQ?

Facebook works well. Message us here. Write on our wall or something. Whatever. We'll see it.

Is my data safe?

Your data is stored on a large commercial web hosting service where it is backed up hourly and copied off site once a day. If you're really worried, you can download once in a while and you'll have all your shows in slightly-difficult-to-parse-by-humans-but-easy-to-parse-for-computers JSON form.

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