George Chen

2013 Gig Schedule

Red Devil Lounge
Conan Neutron, Beauty Operators Stri(more)
Funny Farm: A Farm to Cocktail Table Event
OZ Farm
Camping. Drinks. Dinner. Standup Com(more)
The Punchline San Francisco
sunday local showcase
Cynic Cave
Lost Weekend Video
Ben Feldman Trevor Hill OJ Patterson(more)
Comedy Drawing School
San Francisco Art Institute
Comedy Drawing School http://georget(more)
Lost Weekend Video
films by Tavon Bolourchi and Nicole (more)
The Cynic Den
Fox Theater
with Duat Mai, Karinda Dobbins, Ivan(more)
The Thing That Ate Temescal Part 2
Good Bellies
Jessica Sele Natasha Muse Casey Ley(more)
Melt The Mic
hosted by Iris Benson with Ken Towns(more)
Tomorrow! with Ron Lynch
Steve Allen Theater
hosted by Davey Johnson Tony Sam Ed (more)
Talkies at Wix
Wix Lounge SF
Free show with Bicycle Banh Mi, Anna(more)
free (plus drinks)
DNA show
Blue Lagoon Cocktail Lounge